Canine Care: Selecting the Right Boarding Kennel

The practice of travelling with dogs is favourable because you can provide consistent care for your pet. Moreover, this prevents separation anxiety that can distress your animal and cause poor health. Unfortunately, this is not always possible because some hotels restrict pet accommodation. This choice can also be limiting if your primary purpose for travel is business. If you are experiencing these restrictions, you should consider putting your pet in a boarding kennel while you are away. [Read More]

Finding a cattery for your extra-nervous cats

All cats have different personalities, and some cats are more nervous than others. Unfortunately, sometimes due to other commitments, even the most nervous kitties may have to head to a cattery for a few days. Here are some things that catteries can do to help cats deal with their anxiety. Separate ventilation Cats are very sensitive to smells from other animals, particularly dogs, staying close. Having separate ventilation systems helps nervous cats to have less concept that they have other unknown cats or dogs nearby, which can help them to relax more and sleep better. [Read More]

Do Kennels Accept Dogs With Medical Conditions?

Professional boarding kennels have a duty to care for all their pet residents, and a good kennel should ensure that all its dogs are safe and well cared for during their visits. Before you can board your dog, the kennel should check if it has current vaccinations and is in good health. Kennels may accept your dog if it has a long-term medical condition or even a short-term illness, but they may not be able to take in boarders whose medical conditions may affect the health of other dogs. [Read More]