Boarding Un-Neutered Dogs and Other Unique Situations

Finding a cattery for your extra-nervous cats

All cats have different personalities, and some cats are more nervous than others. Unfortunately, sometimes due to other commitments, even the most nervous kitties may have to head to a cattery for a few days. Here are some things that catteries can do to help cats deal with their anxiety.

Separate ventilation

Cats are very sensitive to smells from other animals, particularly dogs, staying close. Having separate ventilation systems helps nervous cats to have less concept that they have other unknown cats or dogs nearby, which can help them to relax more and sleep better. Equally, having a nature sound track can help to disguise noises from other animals or from the humans in the cattery offices.

Familiar items

If your cat has a favourite cushion or blankets to sleep on, it can be a great idea to bring this to give your cat a familiar item. Otherwise, you can look to bring in something that smells like you such as a soft jumper or a pillow. Bringing in their normal food and food/water bowl can also help make feeding less stressful. Let the cattery know what your cat's normal routine is in terms of eating and sleeping, so that if you have a given feeding time or petting time, they can do as much as possible to match your cat's normal routine at home.

Connecting pens

If your cats are used to living as a family, it can be distressing for them to be apart, even if they are not that visibly affectionate on a day-to-day basis. Having a connecting pens, or some contact each day can help your cats to have some emotional connection between each other. Cats who are particularly close may like to permanently be housed together, but many nervous cats value having some separate space that they can 'own'.


To stop your cat from getting nervous, it can be useful to focus that observant nature on other stimulation. This can include nature documentaries, cat toys and exercise equipment. By using some of that energy in normal and productive ways it helps your cat to relax. Your cat might also enjoy some time each day getting petted or groomed by staff member, as touch can also help to calm animals.

Contact a professional cattery, such as Welcome Boarding Kennels & Cattery, and ask if they provide any of these services. By looking for these important characteristics, you can find a cattery that can help your cat to be a comfortable as possible while they need to be away from home.