Boarding Un-Neutered Dogs and Other Unique Situations

Canine Care: Selecting the Right Boarding Kennel

The practice of travelling with dogs is favourable because you can provide consistent care for your pet. Moreover, this prevents separation anxiety that can distress your animal and cause poor health. Unfortunately, this is not always possible because some hotels restrict pet accommodation. This choice can also be limiting if your primary purpose for travel is business. If you are experiencing these restrictions, you should consider putting your pet in a boarding kennel while you are away. Basically, this is a commercial establishments designed to provide accommodation and care to pets in the owner's absence. Here are the primary factors that you should evaluate before selecting an ideal kennel.


You should check the state of sanitation and hygiene practices in your preferred kennel before making a decision. Contamination in the kennels will result in the pets contracting canine diseases and subsequent spread to your pet. It is prudent to check the boarding space physically when consulting the kennel company. Ideally, there should be no faecal material, dirt or pests such as ticks and fleas on the surfaces. Pungent odours can also be indication of negligence. You should make certain that proper disinfection is carried out regularly with ideal chemicals. Additionally, inquire about the immunisation requirements in the boarding kennel. This will ensure that your dog is not exposed to other animals with diseases such as rabies, para-influenza, distemper and parvovirus.


A boarding kennel should be secure to ensure that unscrupulous people do not breach the perimeter and pets do not escape. This is a crucial aspect because your dog might be distressed in the new environment and attempt to find the way home. An ideal boarding kennel should have strong and sturdy fences and a lockable gate. In addition, the runs in the kennels should have dividers. If your dog is a known escape artist, you should speak to the kennel managers about the possibility for extra security. For instance, the kennel area should have internal gates wit locks, and the runs should be covered with wire.


Proper supervision is essential in a boarding kennel, so you should inquire about this aspect. In simple terms, ensure that there are attendants in the kennel site to check on the pets periodically. This will make certain that pet distress or any emergency is dealt with immediately. Ideally, the attendant should have some training that allows them to recognise common canine disorders such as intestinal problems, lethargy and contagious coughs. This supervision can prevent escalation of medical disorders.

Keep these tips in mind as you check out local kennels like Dogdayz Country Club, and you'll be able to find the right boarding kennel for your dog.